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Kids & Teens Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes

Our head coach commenced jiu-jitsu as an 11 year old who was being bullied for a speech impediment. If you ask him he will talk about being low in confidence and how jiu-jitsu has taken him from being too shy to lead a small group in silent prayer to now being a highly polished public speaker. As a result of his own transformation he now wants give every child he can the same confidence.

Our kids classes are divided into two groups.

Group 1 - Kids Under 12

Monday to Thursday from 4pm & 5pm. 50 Minute classes

We take children from the age of 6 years old, and depending on the age of your child, their journey will be tailored in this class.

To attend this class, you must pre-book and pay. The reason for this is that since Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is complex, and some positions dangerous, we don't think it's reasonable to mix 6-year-olds with 11-year-olds.

Since we know in advance which children will be in the class, it is easy for our coaches to prepare their lesson and teach them at their level.

To arrange a free trial class, please contact us to find a spot with other child who are approximately the same age, weight and skill level.

Group 2 - Yellow Belts or Kids Over 12

Monday to Friday from 6pm. 60 Minute classes

In this class we run to the adults foundation curriculum and therefore children are only permitted to attend if they meet either one of the following conditions:

  • They have gone through our Level 1 Course and attained their yellow belt, or
  • They are in high school.

To enroll your child(ren) in this programme, please take advantage of our 7 Days for $7 trial. This includes a rental uniform.

Specific classes run on Mondays through Wednesdays at 6pm, and this group are also permitted to train in the Judo class at 6pm on Thursday and the Friday night mixed session.

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