Rent Our Wrestling Mat and/or Gym

SCJJA is situated on a prime piece of real estate - close to Shark Park and with a nice fresh breeze coming in off Woolooware Bay. But for over 20 hours each day it is empty!

If you're a personal trainer, or a coach/instructor of a business which could make use of our space, then we invite you to come down and have a chat to Lisa or Rod. We have options where you can pay hourly, daily or monthly ... it's up to you.

Here is just a summary of some of the facilities you can have access to:

  • 200 sqm Wrestling Mat
  • 5 Metre Climbing Rope
  • Tear-drop Shaped Punching Bag
  • Chin-up & Dip Bar
  • Professional Weights set with olympic bars and plates
  • Including equipment for safely doing bench and squats etc ...
  • Incline Treadmill
  • Concept 2 Rowing Machine
  • A selection of car & tractor tyres
  • Huge rope that we sourced from the Royal Australian Navy
  • Situated on the cycleway - perfect for a warm-up run!

Plus your clients can shower off after their session too!

Our wrestling mat was imported from the United States and covers most of our ground level:

our Dollamur wrestling mat