Jiu-Jitsu Classes for Girls & Women Only
There is a paradox with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Without a doubt it is the best martial art for women, due simply to that fact that training is done against an opponent who is resisting 100% (this is unlike karate, krav maga and other striking arts because realistically you cannot simply punch each other in the face every night and keep coming back to training).

The counter to this is, that unfortunately the majority of women do not like the idea of "rolling on the floor with sweaty men".

Thankfully at SCJJA, we do have some women who have not only done this for a few years, but have gone on to achieving fantastic results.

In Nora and Brianna we have to of the best female BJJ instructors you will ever find.

And they're backed up by a host of other girls and ladies who have trained for a substantial amount of time. They're now welcoming other girls and women to come join them.

Our Women only BJJ Classes currently run on Saturday mornings at 8am. If you're interested, please come down 15 minutes before class to get suited up, and enjoy a free trial class.

Finally, the videos shown here are some the best ads we've ever seen that shows why jiu-jitsu is the best martial art for women: 

Coach Nora began training at SCJJA in 2014, not long after her son and daughter enrolled. In 2017 she travelled to Las Vegas Nevada and won both her weight division, and the open weight division, at the World Championships (at blue belt). And in late 2017 she asked Head Coach Rodney to be more involved and so she is the reason we are fortunate to be running women only BJJ classes.

Coach Brianna has been training in Martial Arts almost all her life. As well as her BJJ purple belt, she has a black belt in karate and when time permits coaches the kids and teens classes too.

Nora & Brianna - Female BJJ Team Coaches