Ben Thorne - Midday BJJ Coach

Ben has a lifetime of coaching and teaching

  • Personal Trainer since 2006 (12+ years)
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science (currently completing)
  • Diploma of Fitness
  • NCAS Strength and Conditioning Level 1 Coach

Ben started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at 23 years old in 2008 after looking for something to help with self-defence. Living in London he was lucky enough to live next to a Roger Gracie affiliate and that is where his journey began.

He was graded to Blue belt and arrived back to the Shire in 2011 with his future wife looking for somewhere to train. Ben was lucky enough to walk into SCJJA and has never looked back.

Over his time at SCJJA Ben has managed to

  • Receive his Purple Belt in 2015 from Rodney Ellis
  • Be graded to Brown Belt in 2018 from Rodney Ellis
  • Achieve his Blue Belt in Judo under Jim and Steve Clifford in 2018

Ben currently competes in Gi and No-Gi for SCJJA and this is reflected in how he teaches his classes. There is a focus on standing and ground techniques with a focus on concepts. From beginner to advanced Bens ability to cater to the ability of the class means that each person walks out learning something new.