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Current Offers for our Kids BJJ Programme

Please fill out the form below to give your son(s) or daughter(s) a week's trial for just $10! (per child).

Then, if they wish to give it a longer try and you have an active kids voucher we'll give you six (6) weeks for your voucher.

So that means they can train for 7 weeks for just the initial $10! *

We take children from 8 years old and the classes are then divided into two age groups (more information here).

To view our timetable please click here, or if you would like to speak to someone, please phone us on (02) 9526 2211 Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 5pm.

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I started my son Johnathon at Southern Cross Jiu-Jitsu when he was 6 years old, because I wanted him to learn a practical self defence without striking. He has now been training for over 7 years and he's still loving it. In fact he loves it so much he convinced his older sister to train, and now she trains too!
The club is welcoming to all and a great way to help the kids develop self confidence and co ordination. Richard and Rodney are great with the kids; patient and firm.
Johnathon has competed in several tournaments which I believe is a great way for the kids to test themselves under pressure.
I recommend to anyone looking for a efficient self defence for their children to come on down to Southern Cross Jiu Jitsu and let them have a go.

Andrew Walker

My Son Loves SCJJA.
Rodney, My wife Melinda and I are extremely grateful to you and your team at SCJJA for your continuing influence on our son Connor’s life. You are exceptional role models for young kids to follow, and exceptional role models for all coaches of children.
Connor loves his Jiu Jitsu, and has cut back on other sports so that he can spend more time at the Dojo - he wants to continue to learn and improve his skills at this fantastic sport.
If ever there was validation of a person’s work it is just this - knowing that at least one person in this world is better off for your part in their life.
Connor is definitely better off for the part that you and your team have played on his life, and I bet that there are many more just like him whom you have helped to grow and learn.

Martin Dillon

Our kids really enjoy BJJ. They've been to other martial art clubs in the area and as the classes got bigger my kids started to run amuck and play around and cause trouble, which wasn't much fun to watch after working all day and paying high rates for not much return.
At SCJJA they always have the top coach, not a teenager with no control. They get to play at the start of the class and then they are on. All the coaches are down to earth and help all the kids.
My two kids harass me to take them ... not me harassing them! And it's a non striking martial art so we are happy with that.

Nikki and Greg

* The voucher covers only the cost of the jiu-jitsu tuition. After the initial 7 day period, they will be required to either purchase or rent a uniform.