Grappling for Rugby & Rugby League

You've probaby seen articles in various newspapers regarding jiu-jitsu coaches helping out various NRL teams (if not click here).

Learning takedowns for Rugby Union & Rugby League will be an important part of keeping your kids safe and performing well.

Tackling is a fundamental skill in rugby league and for alot of young players can be neglected. This is because there are so many skills to learn in rugby league.

Our takedowns for footy program will teach your kids:

  • Correct head position
  • How to tackle in different situtiations
  • Body awareness training
  • Core strength to improve your tackling strength

Our programme will run during the Term 4 School period:

Week 1: Monday 15th October
Week 9: Monday 9th December

Day/Times: Tuesday @ 4:30pm

Cost: $5 per session / ($40 Pre-Paid)

To get started contact our coach Ben on 0400 257 016 or contact us here via email