Suitable for both Rugby Codes

Grappling for Rugby / League

Larry Papadopoulos coaching the Australian Rugby 7s

You've probaby seen articles in various newspapers regarding jiu-jitsu coaches helping out various NRL teams (if not click here).

Our head coach Rodney used to train extensively with John Donehue (someone he still calls the best technical coach in Australia), and still trains regularly under Larry Papadopoulos - two coaches who work a lot with professional NRL and rugby/AFL teams. So he has good inside knowledge of what happens in these sesssions.

The advantage that Rodney has over a lot of other Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coaches in Australia, is that like a lot of local boys, he played rugby for many years. Starting of as a slow scrum-half he finished his final season at hooker. He also watches a lot of rugby and even dragged his wife Lisa to two tests as they went through Paris and London on their honeymoon!

So he understands the game!

If you're a player, or coach of a local team, and are looking for some exta training, or even something to keep fit in the off season, then contact us now to organise something tailored to you, or your team.

Coach Rodney in his rugby league days (approximately 12 years old)