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Açaí For Sale

We have various sized tubs of pure acai available, depending on the size of your freezer

When Rodney first went to Brazil in 1998, he watched as the local jiu-jitsu guys went from training to nearest juice bar. Upon arrival, they each ordered a bowl of this purple coloured icr-cream. He naturally felt compelled to ask what it was, and then to try some too. He was immediately hooked.

This purple ice-cream was of course not ice-cream at all. But rather a fruit from the amazon. Berries, picked from a tree and then blended and frozen. In a hot, tropical city like Rio de Janeiro, it is a very popular snack. Especially after a hard training session.

At the time, there was no way to enjoy this magical fruit anywhere other than in Brazil. However, times have changed and you'll now see many cafes and fruit juice bars here in the Sutherland Shire selling it!

But Beware!

When you order an acai smoothie or bowl at most places - for example in Cronulla mall - chances are you're getting a measly 200 grams of acai, blended with other fruits (or even tap water) ... and then getting charged $10 or $15!!!

DO NOT DO THIS - Come down to SCJJA and try the Real, Pure Açaí!

Rodney has tried a few different acai importers and Tropical Brazil are easily the closest to the real thing that he fell in love with in Rio back in 1998!

You can read more abou their products on their website here: and then come down and try it for yourself.

It is much better value than buying it at a cafe - the only problem you might have is fitting it in your freezer! 😆

Small tubs of acai with Granola